A new era for The Milesham Organisation

Atmospheric Climate Research Orbital Space Station

The Atmospheric Climate Research Orbital Space Station (ACROSS) represents the beginning of a new era for Milesham. Through it we will not only fund climate change research but also host, manage and direct it. Milesham is currently assembling a team of researchers who will collect and analyse data for our own and third party projects aboard the station.

Facilities on the station have all been designed and built for the singular purpose of expanding our knowledge about earth's ecosystems. While other agencies, eg. NASA, have already significantly expanded that knowledge through space based research, existing satellite and research resources aboard the International Space Station are limited. Many scientifically sound and potentially valuable lines of inquiry aren't presently being pursued only because demand for those resources far outstrips supply.

Even an entire space station dedicated to environmental research won't change that. Our team has begun the difficult task of prioritising projects and have estimated that those already under consideration would require several decades to complete. New proposals are added to the pool on a daily basis, coming both from within and outside of the organisation.

Construction of the station has begun and is proceeding largely according to schedule. Unfortunately due to constraints imposed by contractors who are employing proprietary technologies in the station's construction, we don't have any photographs which we can share at this time. Once those technologies are no longer exposed we plan to begin taking and sharing photos on a regular basis.